THS ACDEC Ranks 3RD in State!

The Taylor High School Academic Decathlon team competed in the Texas State Academic Decathlon Competition at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio and returned with the Bronze team medal and scholarship money.   Medal winners in the individual categories include:   Essay –Scholastic Silver, Tristyn Davy   Interview – Honors Gold, Samantha McIntire; Scholastic Gold, Tristyn Davy; Varsity Gold, Richard Davis   Speech – Honors Silver, Samantha McIntire; Scholastic Gold, Tristyn Davy; Scholastic Bronze, Lluvia Allen-Correa; Gabriella Howell, Varsity Gold; Varsity Bronze, Richard Davis   Art – Honors Silver, Zane Talavera; Scholastic Bronze, Tristyn Davy   Music – Honors Bronze, Zane Talavera; Scholastic Silver, Tristyn Davy; Varsity Gold, Gabriella Howell; Varsity Bronze, Richard Davis   Literature – Honors Gold, Zane Talavera; Honors Bronze, Samantha McIntire; Scholastic Gold, Tristyn Davy   Social Science – Scholastic Silver, Tristyn Davy   Overall winners include: Honors 5 th

Taylor-Aides Offers Volunteer Opportunities

Image   " It takes a village to raise a child"  is a popular proverb with a clear message: the whole community has an essential role to play in the growth and development of its young people. Now, thanks to the new initiative Taylor-Aides, volunteering in the Taylor public schools has never been easier.    “Community involvement is so essential to our children's success, and Taylor-Aides provides a wide avenue of opportunities to get involved with as little as thirty minutes a month,” said Susan Green, Taylor-Aides volunteer. “It's so important to me that we work together, as a community, to create a better future for our kids.”   Volunteer opportunities include Munch Mentors, meeting with students for 30 minutes a week at lunch. Reading Ducks, spending 30 minutes a week reading with kids. Watch Ducks, monitoring the high school hallways. Hot Shots, help with last minute needs. Also, events or occasional volunteering around your schedule and at your pref

THS ACDEC Heads to State (AGAIN!)

The Taylor High School Academic Decathlon team is heading to state competition in San Antonio on February 24 th   for the 18 th   CONSECUTIVE YEAR of representing Taylor, Texas at the state level.  The Taylor team returned from the 2022 regional competition in Corpus Christi as the silver medal team overall. They are currently ranked 3 rd   in the State Small School Division.  Medal winners include: SPEECH – Samantha McIntire, Honors Bronze Medal; Tristyn Davy, Scholastic Gold Medal with a perfect score; Richard Davis, Varsity Silver Medal INTERVIEW –Samantha McIntire, Honors Gold Medal with a perfect score; Tristyn Davy, Scholastic Gold Medal with a perfect score; Gabriella Howell, Varsity Bronze Medal  ESSAY –Tristyn Davy, Scholastic Bronze Medal; Gabriella Howell, Varsity Gold Medal MUSIC – Zane Talavera, Honors Silver Medal; Gabriella Howell and Richard Davis, tie for the Varsity Bronze Medal ART – Zane Talavera, Honors Gold Medal; Tristyn Davy, Scholastic Silver Medal LANGUAGE AND

Chavana Retires from Taylor ISD

Image   Twenty-eight years ago, Maria Chavana applied for a job as a teacher’s aide with Taylor ISD. There were no openings for aide positions at that time, so she interviewed by phone with then East Williamson County Cooperative (EWCC) director, Barbara Burton, for a secretarial position in the special education office.   “She called me the very next day and offered me the job,” said Chavana. “That’s when central office was on Twelfth Street, and the EWCC office was in a small portable out back that was divided into two smaller rooms. I was on one side with Jane Crow and Carolyn Ging and we were like sardines in that little room. Barbara’s office was on the on the other side which was just as small. That was the East Williamson County Co-op office at that time, and I liked my job so much that I never wanted to leave.”    Shortly after Chavana was hired, the department moved into the newly expanded central office building. Later, the EWCC moved into the first wing of the

Illustration comes to life

By: Ryan Newsom, Taylor ISD student communications intern Naomi Pasemann Elementary librarian Julie Snyder recently taught a very special lesson. When students pick up a book, they seldom notice the authors’ and illustrators’ names, or think about the process of how the book comes together. For this lesson Mrs. Snyder wanted to visually show how a book comes to life, and for the students to be able to see an original drawing from a book in the library.    Frances Hill, a famous writer from Austin, and Vera Rosenberry, an astonishing book illustrator from England, partnered together and created a children’s book called The Bug Cemetery. After the book was published, Rosenberry gave Hill all the original drawings from the book as a gift.   Hill then gave the original art from page 24 - 25 in the book to friend and longtime Taylor educator, Tim Crow. Crow then offered the illustration to Snyder for display in the library where it could provide a learning experience for students.    “What